Terms of Service

By accessing the data and using the services described here, including making an account using Spaces, you agree to the following statement of community intent (modified from the FAFB walled garden collaborative tracing `guidelines<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YfBeeSUjfOmQTEd0rmmPCX0SvzX5kTsU7yVCx2tjP3o>`_):

“These data and services are part of a collaborative effort based on trust. In accepting access to these data I acknowledge that I understand that I may be given access to the unpublished work of other individuals. I confirm that I understand that using these data for any purpose without the explicit consent of the data owner (e.g. the creator of an ITANNA Space) is a serious breach of accepted scientific ethics. In particular, I agree I will not share information with any other individual who has not been authorized to have access to these data and who has not agreed to these terms of use.”

As the creators and administrators of these services, we reserve the right to terminate an account and/or delete data if we perceive your use of the services to be in violation of the above statement of intent. Of course we will do our best to communicate and resolve any issues well before such an action.

These data and services are provided on an as-is basis and should be regarded as ‘beta’ software. We will make best efforts to back-up all data and maximize system uptime, but we can make no guarantees in this regard. We will attempt to notify all users prior to any planned downtime, and during and following any unplanned outages.